AS/A Level and GCSE Assessment Arrangements

Following joint consultation, the Department for Education and Ofqual have confirmed the GCSE and AS/A level assessment arrangements for 2022 – read more here


Summary of key points:


Adaptations / assessment arrangements for your subject

Please visit your GCSE / A level qualifications page for further information on adaptations and assessment arrangements for your specific subject. You’ll be able to access a dedicated ‘Summer 2022’ area with a range of information.


Advance information is now available, please click here.




There will be increased optionality in our Eduqas GCSE English Literature, GCSE History and GCSE Geography qualifications. You can see our summary of assessment for GCSE English Literature, GCSE History and GCSE Geography.


Art & Design


Students taking Art and Design will be assessed only on the following:

  • GCSE - Component 1 Portfolio
  • AS - Component 1 Personal Creative Enquiry
  • A level - Component 1 Personal Investigation


GCSE Mathematics - Formulae Sheets


Students will be given a formulae sheet for GCSE mathematics in summer 2022. We will provide copies of the formulae sheet for use in teaching and to ensure that students are familiar with it prior to the exams. You can download the formulae sheets here.


Practical assessments in A level sciences


Centres will be allowed to assess the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) across the minimum number of practical activities required to enable students to demonstrate their competence in A level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology


November 2022


Advance information will also be provided for the November 2022 series of exams in GCSE English language and Mathematics. This will be different advance information to the summer series, and will be released in July 2022, unless further disruption justifies earlier release. For the GCSE Mathematics exams in November 2022 the same formulae sheets will be provided as for summer series exams.