Summer 2021: Changes to assessments

We are in the process of discussions with Ofqual regarding potential changes to assessments for next summer. To assist centres, our proposals for GCSEs and AS/A level qualifications are being published on the subject pages of our website on a qualification by qualification basis.


You can also find further information on adaptations made to our Vocational Qualifications in our booklets: Level 1/2 and Level 3.


What are the changes to your GCSE or AS/A level subject?

Summary documents, outlining proposed adaptations to assessments for 2021, are now available on our website for most of our GCSE and AS/A level subjects.

How to access them:

  1. Go to your qualification page
  2. Visit the 'Key Documents' section under the 'Resources' tab.
  3. Access your 'Summer 2021 Adaptations' folder.


What if there is no summary for your qualification?

We're in the process of updating the website daily, so please check back regularly.