Support for Teachers / Assessment Materials

We want to keep you up-to-date on all the latest guidance available to you as you plan and prepare for summer 2021.


The following materials are available to view online:


You can access a comprehensive package of support available for teachers on our Secure Website, including:

  • Assessment Resources and Mapping Grid

Our Assessment Resources (optional) are sets of questions based on specific themes, topics or skills within the qualification. We recommend that you use the Mapping Grid provided initially to help you find appropriate Assessment Resources. Our Mapping Grid has been designed for you to view, at a glance, the content and assessment objectives covered in each Assessment Resource – you can then download the relevant Assessment Resource. If you’re a student - your teachers will let you know how you will be assessed and whether you will need to use our optional Assessment Resources.

  • Mark Schemes
  • Marking Exemplars
  • Grading Exemplars
  • Training & Guidance – presentations for every GCSE and AS/A level
  • Assessment Creation Guide – guidance for teachers devising tasks to support teacher assessed grades
  • Grade Descriptors for GCSE and AS/A levels

Need further support? Our subject teams, and centre support, are on-hand to provide specialist support and guidance, and to answer any queries.