Standardising Grades: Summer 2020

This year, learners’ grades will be based on Centre Assessment Grades and Rank Orders which have been submitted to us by teachers/lecturers. To ensure that standards are maintained, we will be standardising learners’ grades using statistical processes which have been developed and approved by our regulator, Ofqual.


Through this process, learners can be assured that they receive a fair grade, which is at a consistent standard to previous and future years.



You can find out more in our Standardising Grades Fact Sheet.

Where can I access the information that was used to standardise our results?

Primary and secondary account holders can access the information on our secure website (Results >Centre Assessment Data – Results & Appeals) for each subject. The following information will be available on results day:

  • the centre assessment grades used for standardisation purposes
  • the rank order data used for standardisation purposes
  • the historical grade distribution based on the school or college’s historical results by subject
  • final calculated grades for each learner following standardisation and a summary of the distribution of final grades by subject.

In addition, primary and secondary account holders will be able to access additional information in respect of historical and prior attainment data approximately 4 working days after the publication of results. This will include the names of the learners for whom historical results data was included at standardisation and the qualifications to which the results pertained and also the names of each of the learners, including from the 2020 cohort, for whom prior attainment data was included at the standardisation stage.