A Level Results: The Next Step of Your Journey

A Level Results: The Next Step of Your Journey

Picked up your AS/A Level, Level 3 Applied Certificates and Diplomas, Extended Project, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design results and wondering what the opportunities are available to you now that you have completed this major milestone? In this article, we discuss potential options for your path after school/college.


A common path to follow after completing your A levels is to head to university. You have the freedom to study a subject that you enjoy that will also hopefully lead you onto a career in something related. Choosing to study for a university degree requires a lot of careful planning with regards to where you want to study, what financial help you can receive and of course the subject you want to read. University is a big commitment, so make sure it's the right decision for you before taking the leap.

Get into the working world

Now that you have a solid base of educational qualifications, you may decide to leave the world of education and take your first steps up onto the career ladder. Do your research, consider which industries you may want to begin developing a career in and consider whether full-time or part-time working patterns are the right option for you. Building experience is essential so immerse yourself in as many opportunities as you can, this will serve you in good stead as you travel further up the ladder.

Higher Apprenticeships

If you're struggling to choose between studying for a degree or getting a  full-time  job, then a Higher Apprenticeship may be for you. Similar to lower-level apprenticeships, Higher Apprenticeships allow you to get real-life work experience, whilst also studying to receive an industry recognised qualification. This type of training can even lead to a degree-level qualification, making it the perfect balance between  getting a full-time job and studying for an undergraduate degree

Volunteering/Work Experience

As we mentioned, getting lots of work experience is key, regardless of the path you choose to take after your A levels. If you're looking at going straight into work, then employers will look favourably on those that already have experience in the industry in which they're applying and being able to talk about volunteering experience on your personal statement for university will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. There are many different volunteering and work opportunities throughout the UK, so get researching and find a local and relevant opening local to you.


Whatever path you decide to follow, make sure you spend time figuring out exactly what it is that you want. Teachers and family are able to provide you with advice on potential opportunities but ultimately, it's only you that can decide what the best option is. Good luck!