Why switch exam boards to Eduqas?

Every teacher wants their learners to shine, and choosing the right exam board is the first step towards better results. When you’re ready to change exam boards, switch to Eduqas.


Everything we do is focused on providing you and your learners with the opportunities and tools you need for success.


Your learners will benefit from our accessible approach to assessment, while our comprehensive package of support, resources and training will help you teach with confidence.


How do I switch?


We’ve made switching to Eduqas as straightforward as possible so you can focus on setting your learners up for success. Follow these simple steps for switching to Eduqas:

  1. Complete the form on this page to access your subject’s guide to switching.

  2. If your centre is not already registered with Eduqas, ask your Exams Officer to get in touch. Once you’re registered, you’ll get access to our Secure Website.

  3. Visit your qualification page. Everything you need to start teaching with Eduqas is here – you’ll find key documents including specifications and mark schemes, links to training and resources, contact details for your Subject Officer and much more.

If you need any help with switching, contact us at hereforyou@eduqas.co.uk – we can answer your questions over email or arrange a meeting at a time that suits you.



Register your interest


Complete the form below to register your interest in teaching with Eduqas and download your free guide to switching: