Budding young filmmakers recognised at 8th Moving Image Awards
Budding young filmmakers recognised at 8th Moving Image Awards

Talented young filmmakers have been recognised for their outstanding work at the eighth annual Moving Image Awards.

Every year, students undertaking our qualifications in Film and Media Studies are invited to submit their work for consideration by a panel of judges, for awards for Best Film/TV Extract, Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Music Video.

The Moving Image Awards recognises and rewards the UK's most talented student filmmakers and screenwriters, encouraging more young people to consider a career within the film industry.

This year, Saskia Leigh Martić, from Ashbourne College, London, won the award for Best Short Film and was selected as Overall Winner for her creative entry titled ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’.  Saskia’s entry depicts the emotional impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and how both concepts of connection and isolation were impacted by it.

“The judging panel deemed this entry ‘outstanding’ - the piece is stylishly experimental, with a creative sampling of archive material and a distinctive modernist aesthetic. It explores an all too familiar structure of feeling with originality and emotional complexity.”

After winning two awards Saskia said:

“I’ve always been really interested in breaking down films and their meaning, and that is why this film is so fragmentary. In every shot I’ve really tried to think about every single detail that goes into it, in terms of its meaning. That’s what I look for when I’m watching films – how can this be interpreted?

I could only tell the darkest part of the quarantine through my personal perspective because I was by myself and alone. Which I tried to play on - you don’t have a cast in quarantine. You’re very overwhelmed by your own feelings and can often feel like you have a lot of other people with you, combatting you, but it’s all you.”


Other awards went to:

Best TV/Film Extract
Nia Greenwood, from St David’s College Cardiff, for her TV/Film extract, Babylon, which focuses on a young mother, hoping to get a good night’s sleep, and decides to test a new baby formula said to help babies sleep through sooner.

Judges’ comments: “A fantastic piece of work. Every moment counts in this stop-motion animation that demonstrates meticulous attention to detail. Perfectly timed to communicate clearly, with totally synchronous visuals and sound - the use of sound is excellent. The expressiveness of the animated characters is impressive. Confidently applies conventions of animation, informed by other work (e.g., Ardman), but the piece is original and striking. The cup dropping is perfectly timed, reflecting a confident ability to juxtapose horror tropes with genuinely humorous moments. The audience were left eager to discover what happens next!”

Best Music Video
Maya Parry-Jones, from Brighton Hove & Sussex 6th Form College, E Sussex, for her Hip-hop style music video to the song Main Squeeze by Braille. The video follows the story of a hip-hop artist who is caught being unfaithful to his partner.

Judges’ comments: “Totally believable performances. Good construction of artists and awareness of the codes and conventions of this genre. Well-controlled filming and editing effectively cut to the beat and excellent lip-synching. Great use of settings and iconography and a good pace maintained throughout.”

Best Screenplay
Sandra Mosnegutu, from Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, for her ambitious screenplay Illusion, which follows the main character, Zhen, as he walks around his apartment and goes through a turmoil of emotions as he recalls his relationship with his now-deceased boyfriend.

Judges’ comments: “There is an excellent use of mise-en-scene throughout which never strays into the prosaic. Techniques such as voiceover and flashback are brilliantly used. The major strength of the film is the establishment of a believable relationship. The directions are incredibly fluid, and each individual scene is well-constructed and links beautifully with what follows. The dialogue is sharp and works well within the rather sterile settings. Motifs are used extremely well. There is real ambition and complexity present here. The twist is foreshadowed brilliantly with a very clear ‘show not tell’ philosophy. There is a definite feel of Wong Kai-Wai here with the structure of the film. Great pacing which is totally appropriate for a short film. The ambiguity in the ending is also incredibly effective. A mature piece.”

One to Watch
Ben Titmuss, from Akeley Wood Senior School in Buckingham, for his music video, Stereo In My Room.

Judges’ comments: “An extremely well-constructed video which really reflects the choice of original track. Excellent creative and artistic performances with a sense of enigma created. Good narrative construction incorporating manipulation of time and space. Excellent filming and editing creates a sense of the surreal.”

The winning videos are available to view on our YouTube channel.

Guest speaker

The ceremony has gained recognition from teachers and lecturers of film and media courses at institutions across the UK, as well as leading figures in the film industry. This year we had a fantastic line-up of speakers, including Kim Longinotto, Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Kate Leys, and Anna Smith.

Commenting on this year’s awards is Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Chief Film Critic Metro:

“The wonderful thing about an event like this is the incredible diversity that you’re seeing. There are all these different genres. People who are doing very experimental films, producing music videos, and people who are working with plasticine! You see so many different things it’s an amazing showcase. What’s more, these films were created during the pandemic, when you think my goodness, they’re just staring at four walls and they’re able to come up with some truly amazing creativity!’

Rebecca Ellis, WJEC Eduqas Film Studies Subject Officer, said:

“We are delighted to be able to reward student's this year in a special face to face Awards ceremony – our first for two years due to the pandemic.  We are thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to showcase the work by such talented young people after such a difficult period. It has been an absolute privilege to work with our amazing panel of presenters who also recognise what a difficult time this has been for our young people. Huge congratulations to all of our highly commended, shortlisted entrants and winners, and the teachers who have clearly worked so hard to support their creative endeavours in such unprecedented circumstances.”


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