Coronavirus update: Centre assessment grades
Coronavirus update: Centre assessment grades

Following the cancellation of this summer's examinations, Ofqual has since confirmed that grades will be based on centre assessment grades.

Centre assessment grades will be based on what teachers would expect each learner to achieve for each qualification. They need to represent a fair, reasonable and carefully considered judgement of the most likely grade that might be achieved in normal circumstances. Centre assessment grades may be submitted from 1st June. These grades should be submitted via our Secure Website.


GCSE, AS, A Level, Extended Project: 12 June

Entry Level Certificates, Level 1/2 Vocational Awards, Level 1 and Level 2 Latin Certificates, Level 2 Additional Mathematics, Level 3 Applied Certificates and Diplomas, and Language Pathway qualifications: 19 June

Subject specific guides

To assist centres in this work, our subject teams have produced a series of presentations to support our teachers in formulating accurate centre assessment grades for each of our qualifications. Each presentation can be accessed via our Secure Website, your Exams Officer within your centre will be able to provide you with login details to access this. Each presentation covers the following from a subject specific angle:

  • Gathering and considering candidate evidence
  • Making a suitable judgement
  • How to rank order the subject cohort

These guides are now available to download, and we recommend that our teachers read through their respective presentations in full. 

In addition, our Assistant Director (Domains), Catherine Webster has prepared a short video guide for our general qualifications, and Sarah Harris, our Assistant Director for Vocational Qualifications has prepared a video guide to our vocational qualifications to further explain what we are doing to support centres and learners during this difficult period. 

To support our teachers, our subject teams remain on hand to provide you with support and guidance. As our teams are working remotely, we encourage teachers to email, rather than phone at this time. The email address for your subject can be found on your qualification page.

We appreciate your continued support and patience as we navigate through these challenging times together. 


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