Staffroom Catch-up: Darren Coogan, Cambridge Regional College

Staffroom Catch-up: Darren Coogan, Cambridge Regional College

We've been catching up with teachers at schools and colleges around the UK to find out how teaching with Eduqas is working for them and their learners. Darren Coogan, Quality Manager for Maths and English at Cambridge Regional College, shares his experience:

“We have a team of 16 teachers here at Cambridge Regional College, working with around 1300 GCSE Maths learners.

We switched to Eduqas because of the suitability of the qualification for FE. The two-paper structure is very helpful in terms of attendance – often this is less of an issue for schools, but learners in FE can sometimes struggle to attend 3 exams.

Our learners have responded well to having a ‘fresh’ new exam, and feedback from staff has been good too. We’ve found assessment to be consistent, and the free resources like the Question Bank and online Blended Learning modules are useful.

The onboarding process was very straightforward, and Rhys, the subject specialist for Maths was able to visit in-person, which we really appreciated.”



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