Summer 2021 exams to be delayed by three weeks
Summer 2021 exams to be delayed by three weeks

The Department for Education has announced that GCSE, AS and A level exams will go ahead next summer, but will be delayed by three weeks to give students and teachers more time to prepare.

In his statement, Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary, made it clear that exams will go ahead, as they are ‘the fairest and most accurate way to measure a pupil’s attainment.’

Key points:

  • The exam series will start on 7 June and end on 2 July for almost all GCSE, and AS/A levels
  • Results Days are Tuesday 24 August for AS/A levels, and Friday 27 August for GCSEs
  • One Maths and one English GCSE exam will be held before the May half-term, giving any Year 11 pupils who are affected by Covid-19 the best possible chance of still sitting a paper in each of these core subjects. In addition to this, AS/A level exams for Electronics, and Geology, are also scheduled before half term.
  • More details will be published by DfE later in the Autumn

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), has also released a statement in response to DfE’s announcement, on behalf of all the main exam boards operating in England.

Summer 2021 exam timetable update:

We are currently working with the other exam boards, and JCQ, to confirm arrangements for the timetabling of the Summer 2021 examinations. We appreciate your continued patience, and will publish details of the arrangements as soon as they become available.

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