Your Future - Student Personality Quiz

Your Future - Student Personality Quiz

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop and enhance learning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new learner-focused quiz that helps discover personality traits and looks at potential subject options. 

Whilst an exciting opportunity, choosing what subjects to study is undoubtedly a big decision. It’s the learners’ first educational decision that will help shape their future. So, we teamed up with Psychologist David Hodgson to create a fun, engaging personality quiz, which aims to help learners explore the wide range of options available before embarking upon the next step in their academic career. 

The bare necessities

By taking this quiz, based on Carl Jung's Theory of Personality Types and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, the learner will discover:

  • Their strengths
  • What subjects might suit their personality type
  • Subject specific information (including course content & methods of assessment)

A view from the animal kingdom

There are 12 multiple-choice style questions and 16 possible results - each linked to a different animal. Think feathered creatures, aquatic mammals, and furry felines. As the user roars, screeches, or hoots through this quiz, it is important to answer honestly, so that we can match each of the 16 personality types.

Some of the available options include:

  • Eagle: leader, decisive, innovative
  • Tiger: flexible, independent, strong
  • Dolphin: sociable, open-minded, creative
  • Black Bear: decisive, driven, organised

There are no right or wrong answers! From an eager beaver to a wise owl - all learners are wonderfully unique, with different interests, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Give the FREE quiz a try here.

Don’t hibernate – shout it from the rooftops!

We urge teachers to share this quiz with their learners. It’s suitable for Year 9 students who are choosing either GCSEs or Vocational Qualifications, and for Year 11 students considering AS/A level subjects or Vocational Qualifications. The quiz should be viewed as a springboard that encourages curiosity - a motivational tool to learn more about each subject, preferred learning styles, and assessment methods.

But don’t stop there! Have you seen our other material? Our Student Support page is jampacked with useful information including our ‘Options Evening’ flyers, free resources, top tips, practical advice, and so much more.

Our vision

Commenting on the project is Annie Slater, our Digital Marketing Manager:

We are always looking for new ways to support and engage with our audiences and by introducing game-like attributes to these educational resources we aim to inspire learners. Choosing subject options should be an exciting experience, not a dreaded one. It’s always good to look ahead, so why not start now?

To bring this vision to life, Dr. Rachel Dodge, our Qualifications Development Manager (with a Ph.D. in Psychology), suggested a collaboration with David Hodgson (author of ‘The Buzz’). David then helped us to design a bespoke personality quiz that builds on his well-developed methods (working with teachers and young people across the UK). The quiz will allow our learners to explore who they are and how they like to learn, so they can reflect, compare, and then choose subjects and learning strategies based on their results.”

Mirror Mirror on the wall – was this quiz any good at all? 

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