AS/A Level Biology

Teaching: Sep 2015
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Eduqas A level Biology provides a wide breadth of knowledge across a varied range of topics. These include the internal workings of organisms in physiology and the interdependence of living things in ecology, to social issues including human influence on the environment and the ethical considerations of genetics.

In this AS and A Level Biology course, learners are encouraged not only to develop an understanding, but also an appreciation and sense of wonder at the living world. Promoting an investigative approach, Eduqas A Level Biology gives learners ample opportunities to hone practical, mathematical and problem‐ solving skills.

We provide a range of digital resources for both learners and educators, including A Level Biology revision tools and free teaching resources. You can find both A Level Biology past papers and AS Level Biology past papers at the top of this page.

AS and A Level Biology 2020‐2021

For more information about the Eduqas Biology A Level, including the AS and A Level Biology specification, grading and assessment information, view the menu at the top of the page.

This specification builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding set out in the
GCSE biology course.

Why choose Eduqas?

  • Access to our digital resources website which hosts a wealth of free material

  • Three themed components so students can focus their revision for each assessment.

  • A choice of three options in component 3 to appeal to the interests of different students: Immunology, Human musculoskeletal anatomy, Neuroscience and behaviour.
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