AS/A Level Law

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Teaching: Sep 2017
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The Eduqas A level in law enables learners to develop an understanding of both public and private law within the law of England and Wales and develop skills which will prepare them for further undergraduate study and future careers. This specification enables learners to develop their ability to analyse both legal rules and principles and factual issues. It enables learners to construct persuasive legal arguments and to evaluate the strength of such arguments. It also enables learners to develop the ability to think critically about the role of law in society.

This A level course in law encourages learners to:

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of the English legal system and areas of both private and public law within the law of England and Wales
  • develop an understanding of legal method and reasoning as used by lawyers and the judiciary
  • develop and apply the techniques of legal method and reasoning to analyse and offer answers to problems, based on legal principles, legislation and case law
  • develop the ability to construct conclusions and communicate legal arguments by reference to appropriate legal authorities
  • develop the ability to communicate persuasive legal arguments by reference to appropriate legal authorities
  • demonstrate critical awareness of the influence and operation of the law in society.

This A level law course requires learners to study the dynamics of legal decision making that will equip them with the skills necessary to study law at higher education. It has a broad focus so that learners will experience a range of legal disciplines. This specification also provides learners with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to construct and develop a sustained line of reasoning which is coherent, relevant, substantiated and logically structured.

Why choose Eduqas?

Students can choose three areas of study from the following:

    • Criminal law
    • Contract law
    • Tort law
    • Law of human rights
  • Approval from Russell group universities who support the breadth of study offered by our A level
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WJEC/Eduqas Law for A Level: Book 1 978-1-911208-45-7
WJEC/Eduqas Law for A Level: Book 2 978-1-911208-46-4




WJEC/Eduqas Law for A Level Book 1 Revision Guide 978-1-912820-10-8
WJEC/Eduqas Law for A Level Book 2 Revision Guide 978-1-912820-11-5

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