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Teaching: Sep 2017
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The Eduqas media studies GCSE course offers learners the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of these key issues and the ability to debate important questions about the media. It introduces them to a theoretical framework for analysing the media, which also underpins study of the media at AS and A level.

Although the specification focuses predominantly on the contemporary media, this is contextualised and enhanced through the exploration of significant products from different historical periods. Through studying both established and evolving media forms, learners will gain a real awareness of the role of the media in society and culture. The study of a range of rich and stimulating media products is central to this specification, working from the product outwards to develop appreciation and understanding of the media. Learners will draw on their existing experience of the media but will also extend their appreciation and critical understanding through the study of products with which they may be less familiar, including products for different audiences. Choice is an important part of the specification, enabling teachers to select the most appropriate, relevant and engaging products for study for their learners in Component 2.

This specification also recognises the fundamental relationship between theoretical understanding and practical work, providing learners with exciting opportunities to develop media production skills. Learners will apply and develop their knowledge and understanding of media language and representation in relation to media forms and products and become creators of meaning themselves. Learners will be offered a choice of briefs and forms within which to work, enabling them to explore and pursue their own media interests.

The Eduqas GCSE in Media Studies offers a broad, coherent and engaging course of study which enables learners to:

  • Demonstrate skills of enquiry, critical thinking, decision-making and analysis
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of a range of important media issues
  • Develop appreciation and critical understanding of the media and their role both historically and currently in society, culture and politics
  • Understand and apply specialist subject-specific terminology to analyse and compare media products and the contexts in which they are produced and consumed in order to make informed arguments, reach substantiated judgements and draw conclusions about media issues
  • Appreciate how theoretical understanding supports practice and practice supports theoretical understanding
  • Develop practical skills by providing opportunities for creative media production.

There are no previous learning requirements for this specification. Any requirements set for entry to a course based on this specification are at the school/college’s discretion. This specification builds on subject content which is typically taught at key stage 3 and provides a suitable foundation for the study of A level media studies.

Why choose Eduqas?

  • A choice of options for production

  • A choice of options for the set products/texts

  • Direct access to Subject specialists

  • Topics and products/texts chosen to appeal to GCSE students

  • Creative work which is central to the course
  • Uniform design across GCSE, AS and A level to allow for coherent progression

  • Flexibility for teachers to choose relevant and appropriate texts/products

  • Unlimited access to free resources

  • Face-to-face professional learning courses

  • Support from our Regional Representatives
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