Staffroom Catch-up: Tom Voaden, Barton Peveril College

Staffroom Catch-up: Tom Voaden, Barton Peveril College

Tom Voaden, Barton Peveril College

We've been catching up with teachers at schools and colleges around the UK to find out how teaching with Eduqas is working for them and their learners. Tom Voaden, Subject Lead for English Literature at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College in Eastleigh, Hampshire, shares his experience:

"I’ve been teaching with Eduqas’ A-Level English Literature specification since 2017.

Our department teaches around 100 Literature A-Level English students each year. The Eduqas specification has worked well for our learners. Results have been strong, and we’re currently achieving an Alps score of 2+. Students have been particularly enthusiastic about the female writers on the spec, and the overall flexibility of the qualification.

In terms of assessment, Eduqas has been more than fair. We’ve found that the grades have stayed consistent year on year, and there’s plenty of support available on the Non-Exam Assessments (NEAs). Rhodri, the Eduqas Subject Officer for English Literature A-Level, is friendly and supportive, responding quickly to any enquiries we have.

The resources on offer have also been extremely useful. The online materials for Component 3 Unseen Texts, specifically Section B Unseen Poetry, are great for preparing students for assessments.

It offers an insight into the approach of the Principal Examiners to Practical Criticism, which means we can guide students on versification and building an exam response. They are pretty much ready to use instantly in the classroom too, saving time.

Consulting with Eduqas on the Component 4 Prose Study texts and the exact wording of our NEA tasks was tremendously reassuring when starting out with them too.

While other exam boards can feel like opaque, multinational businesses, Eduqas have always been straight talking and down to earth. They realise that young people’s futures are at stake and give their qualifications due care and attention."



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