Exams Officer Noticeboard

We’re committed to supporting Exams Officers through the summer 2022 series, and will update this area with all the information you need to help you plan and prepare for the coming summer series.


Summer 2022 information

Information regarding adaptations and assessment arrangements for the summer 2022 series can be found here, on the home page of our secure website, and on the subject pages for each qualification.


Upcoming Deadlines


18 March – June 2022 series - Entry amendment window deadline GCE, GCSE, Entry Level, Level 1/2 Vocational Awards/Certificates, Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Level 1 Certificate in Latin, Level 2 Additional Mathematics, Level 3 Applied Certificates/Diplomas (late fee charged after this date)


18 March – June 2022 - Entry deadline for Entry Pathways (amendment window deadline 5 May)


21 March – June 2022 series – Entry deadline for Extended Project (amendment window deadline 4 April)


21 March – June 2022 series - Deadline for submitting transfer candidate applications on Centre Admin Portal


24 March – January 2022 series - Application deadline for scripts required prior to a review of marking


24 March – June 2022 series – Non-examination assessment mark submission deadline for GCSE Drama Component 1 (C690U10).


31 March – Autumn 21 series - GCSE (exceptional series) Application deadline for access to scripts to support teaching and learning


31 March – Autumn 21 series GCSE (exceptional series) Application deadline for review of results (clerical re-check reviews of marking, review of moderation).


31 March – June 2022 series – Access arrangements and reasonable adjustment deadline


14 April – January 22 series – Application deadline for reviews of marking (clerical re-check, reviews of marking, review of moderation) and access to scripts to support teaching and learning.