Private candidates

Private Candidates pursue a course of study independently but take an examination and/or assessment at an approved WJEC examination centre (school or college). Private candidates are responsible for making appropriate arrangements with a school or college that is prepared to:


(a) make the necessary examination accommodation available and;

(b) conduct, supervise, mark and authenticate any non-examination units/components


Private candidates should find a school/college before they start their studies. We can only accept entries for candidates who have an arrangement in place.


We do not hold records of the schools/colleges that are willing to make arrangements for private candidates. If you experience difficulty locating such a school/college in your area, we would advise that you contact your Local Education Authority for advice.


Further information relating to the procedures for private candidates can be found in this booklet.


June 2021 series


JCQ has published interim guidance for private candidate centres and a set of FAQs for private candidates here. Details of centres who are willing to accept private candidates this summer have been published on the JCQ website here.


Assessment Resources (sets of questions based on specific themes, topics or skills within a qualification) are available in the Qualifications section of this website. They are an optional resource (their use is not mandatory) which have been created to assist teachers in assessing learners in summer 2021. 


To go alongside our Assessment Resources, we have developed associated Mapping Grids which have been designed for you to view, at a glance, the content and assessment objectives covered in each Assessment Resource


We are providing greater flexibility for private candidates this year and will not be charging late entry fees until after the 26th April 2021.