AS/A Level Geology

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Teaching: Sep 2017
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The Eduqas AS & A level in Geology provides a comprehensive coverage of the knowledge and understanding required for the study of the Earth, its structures, evolution and dynamics. The core aspects of this specification introduce eight geological concepts:

  • elements, minerals and rocks
  • surface and internal processes of the rock cycle
  • time and change
  • Earth structure and global tectonics
  • rock forming processes
  • rock deformation
  • past life and past climates
  • Earth materials and natural resources. There are five themes which develop and apply the knowledge and understanding of the core content. These are:
  • geohazards
  • geological map applications
  • Quaternary geology
  • geological evolution of Britain
  • geology of the lithosphere. Learners following this specification are introduced to Key Ideas which provide a framework for study. This specification encourages learners to: • develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of geology and how they relate to each other, to include civil engineering, engineering geology, hydrogeology, mining geology and petroleum geology
  • develop through critical practice the skills, knowledge and understanding of scientific methods as applied in geology through a practical endorsement • develop competence and confidence in selecting, using and evaluating a range of quantitative and qualitative skills and approaches, (including observing, collecting and analysing geo-located field data, and investigative, mathematical and problem solving skills) and applying them as an integral part of their geological studies • understand how society makes decisions about geological issues and how geology contributes to the success of the economy and society.

This specification contains both core and non-core content as specified by the Department for Education (DfE) GCE A level subject content for geology. The purpose of the non-core content is for learners to:

  • develop and apply their core knowledge and understanding
  • use their core and non-core knowledge and understanding synoptically
  • enrich their understanding of core concepts through an exploration of the chosen non-core areas
  • be introduced to the wider context of geoscience in preparation for progression to higher education
  • be exposed to current areas of research where new discoveries may revise our understanding of geological phenomena. The Eduqas A level in Geology places problem solving at the heart of learning. Learners are encouraged to respond to geological information in both familiar and novel situations in the laboratory and in the field. Learners should be able to apply their knowledge and understanding of the contents of this specification by exploring contexts and situations that are not explicitly indicated in the specification, reflecting the skills demanded by those engaged in the study of geology, and other disciplines, beyond A level. The specification lends itself to a variety of teaching and learning styles and offers learners of all abilities an enjoyable and positive learning experience. Practical work within the specification is vitally important in developing a conceptual understanding of many topics and it enhances the experience and enjoyment of geology.

Any requirements set for entry to a course following this specification are at the discretion of centres. It is reasonable to assume that many learners will have achieved qualifications equivalent to Level 2 at KS4. Skills in Numeracy/Mathematics, Literacy/English and Information Communication Technology will provide a good basis for progression to this Level 3 qualification. This specification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills established at GCSE geology.

Why choose Eduqas?

  • Places problem solving at the heart of learning

  • Increased emphasis on application of geological principles
  • Philosophy of our qualification is unchanged

  • Unlimited access to free resources
  • A minimum of 2 compulsory fieldwork days at AS and 4 at A level

  • Direct access to Subject specialists

  • Face-to-face professional learning courses

  • Support from our Regional Representatives
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