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This section provides information regarding our e-submission platform. It covers what it is, what are the benefits of using e-submission, which subjects must be submitted by e-submission and where to find guidance on the process.

What is e-submission?

E-submission is the process of submitting candidates’ work in an electronic format for moderation or assessment. We use SURPASS, a secure, web-based platform for this process.

L Benefits of e-submission

Submitting candidates’ work electronically using our secure portal offers centres several benefits including:

  • Digital submissions
    • removes the chances of submitting corrupted CDs/DVDs
    • no longer having to manage the creation of several discs for submission
  • Secure upload
    • no need for physical postage, removing the need to track packages or chase lost parcels
  • Extended upload period
    • allows for electronic uploads to be made across several sessions (during the designated period)
    • e-submissions can be made anytime during the upload period, allowing centres to upload at a convenient time
  • Straightforward administration
    • no specialist IT knowledge is required
    • submission merely requires a computer, internet connection and a list of samples which will be submitted

  • Simplified monitoring
    • submitting via e-submissions means that we receive your candidates' work immediately in a safe, secure manner
    • the portal clearly displays which samples have been submitted, making it simpler to identify any material that is yet to be submitted

    Which subjects use the e-submission process?

    LCompulsory e-submission

    For the following subjects, centres must submit their material using our e-submission portal:

  • Computer Science

  • Film Studies

  • Media Studies

  • Music

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish
  • GCE AS Level
  • Film Studies

  • Media Studies

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Music
  • GCE A Level
  • Computer Science

  • Film Studies

  • Media Studies

  • Music
  • LOptional e-submission

    For the following subjects, centres may opt to submit their material using our e-submission portal.

  • Drama
  • GCE AS
  • Drama
  • GCE A
  • Drama

  • Further essential guidance regarding the e-submission process and subject requirements

    LFurther Essential Guidance

  • Circular 73/74 was issued to Exams Officers in February 2019 – this post includes guidance on how to set up a centre account on our e-submission portal and details for accessing keycodes for candidates. This circular can be found under the Resources section on our Secure Website.
  • Examination timetables and Internal Assessment Deadlines 2018-19
  • E-submission Process – General Guidance
  • E-submission Process – Subject Guide 2018-2019

  • FAQs

    LMy username and password aren’t working

    Please ensure you have followed the steps in Circular 73/74 to gain access to the upgraded platform. See Circulars, under Resources on the secure website.

    Please check you are on the most up to date platform: https://wjec.surpass.com/Login

    If after these steps you still find problem accessing Surpass, please contact the e-assessment team e-assessment@wjec.co.uk

    LI do not have keycodes any candidates in the sample

    Keycodes appear in the invigilate tab of Surpass. If it has been less than 48hrs since you submitted your marks on IAMIS please wait and try again after 48hrs have passed.

    LI need to amend my sample list

    For advice on the next steps to take please call the relevant subject contact in customer service.

    LI have made late entries which weren’t on IAMIS when my marks were originally submitted.
        Do I need to submit extra samples?

    For advice on the next steps to take please call the relevant subject contact in customer service.

    LHow do I know an upload has been successful?

    A green tick will appear next to the candidate keycode on the invigilate tab. If any other icon appears next to the candidate name, please contact the relevant subject contact in customer service for further advice

    LI've uploaded work for a candidate but forgot to upload everything. What do I do?

    WJEC will generate a new keycode and ask you to upload the work again. Please contact the relevant subject contact in customer service for further advice.